Cantiere Velocizzato di 3 Settimane

Construction Site Accelerated by 3 Weeks

The laying of the screed continues even though it's just 3 degrees in Trento. Considering the low temperatures, drying times, and the need for high mechanical resistance, we've opted for a fiber-reinforced screed with an accelerator, which keeps everyone happy on-site: the added microfiber synthetic resin to the mix makes the layer more robust, while the accelerator reduces waiting times for the final layer from 28 to 7 days, speeding up the construction process by 21 days!

Some technical details...

From a technical standpoint, this is a pre-dosed screed with a "wet earth" consistency, normal setting time, and ultra-rapid drying with low hygrometric shrinkage.

It boasts high mechanical resistance for both indoor and outdoor use, making it suitable for underfloor heating systems with reduced first ignition times.

It can be used in residential, commercial, and public spaces, as well as for industrial flooring.

Classified as CT-C40-F7 according to Uni En13813 standards. The mix design includes the addition of a special modular drying accelerator aid that is entirely eco-friendly and reinforced with microfilm synthetic resin. Thickness is 5 cm.

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