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Industrial Finishes

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Residential Spaces

Every Layer Counts

For over 20 years, we've been putting the needs of those working on construction sites at the heart of our innovation. We create materials for laying resin floors and coatings that are not only synonymous with craftsmanship and technical skill but also contribute to the success of the customers we serve.

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Decorative and Industrial Resin

We manufacture high-quality decorative and industrial resins, offering a wide range of customizable options to meet specific demands. From industrial to commercial sectors, and even residential environments, we are committed to creating solutions that seamlessly integrate with our customers' styles and needs, ensuring excellent and long-lasting results.

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Our installation work

Industrial, Commercial and Residential Projects

Whether revolutionizing thousands of square meters of logistics facilities or renovating the space of a bathroom in an apartment, we approach projects of all scales with the same passion and precision. Our teams, specialized in various finishes, are the heart of our excellence, guiding every project from design to final execution with consistent and personalized commitment.

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Resingroup Academy

Do you want to partner up?

In a continuously expanding market, Resingroup Academy is committed to building lasting relationships with professionals and external companies eager to grow with us. Join our network: a partnership with us means sharing ambitious projects and unique opportunities, focusing on innovation and quality.


What Sets Us Apart

  • We are first and foremost installers, then producers.

  • We are practical people; we let our work speak for us.

  • For us, every layer counts, both on the construction site and in our relationships.

  • Creativity, teamwork, and impeccable service are our priorities.

New Decorative Resins

  • Materigi

    Interior floors and coverings, monochromatic effect, with a textured finish, rough to the touch.

    See our finishes
  • Contra

    Wall coverings, matte appearance with stone effect, available in choice of textured, troweled, or uniform finish.

    See our finishes
  • Decofin

    Interior floors and coverings, uniform effect with light-dark shades, smooth to the touch.

    See our finishes
  • Decomar

    Interior floors and coverings, troweled appearance with light-dark effect, generally smooth to the touch.

    See our finishes
  • Patior

    Outdoor flooring, textured finish, troweled, rough to the touch with light-dark streaks.

    See our finishes
Finitura Materigi Resina Resingroup
Finitura Contra resina Resingroup
Finitura Decofin resina decorativa Resingroup
Finitura Decomar Resina decorativa Resingroup
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