Decorative Resin: Materigi

The Materigi system has been developed for the decoration of floors and interior walls in residential and commercial settings. It can be applied over an existing support of concrete, sand cement, or tiles, avoiding demolition work.


The Materigi decorative resin coating is slip-resistant, dust-proof, waterproof, and decontaminable. Materigi also has significant abrasion resistance. It is suitable for offices, private homes, showrooms, and commercial areas.

Exemplary Cycle

0.Existing support 

1.Adhesion primer 

2.Smoothing with epoxy resin and dusting of neutral quartz 



5.Single-component colored polyurethane gel spread with a trowel 

6.Water-based transparent polyurethane finish applied with a roller 


Final Result

The final result is elegant and refined, featuring a monochromatic color with a textured finish that is rough to the touch. The thickness of the Patior decorative resin cycle has a final thickness of 2 - 3 mm, varying based on the number of layers.