Guida Alla Scelta Della Finitura Industriale

Guide to Choosing Industrial Finishes

In the case of industrial surfaces, the choice of finish should be based on the type of surface use. Below, we outline the recommended finishes based on usage:


A dustproof coating of a single layer that simply covers the underlying surface, making it easy to clean. Suitable, for example, for indoor parking lots, warehouses, etc.

Pigmented Coating:

Compared to dustproof, this combines ease of cleaning with a higher level of abrasion resistance.


Ideal for food industries, chemical industries, storage warehouses, mechanical workshops, logistics warehouses, industrial activities with intense forklift and vehicle traffic, and all activities requiring highly durable, non-slip flooring resistant to mechanical stress.

Ceramized Multilayer:

Multilayer with an extra layer of ceramized quartz for added resistance and slip resistance.


Particularly suitable for correcting the flatness of the treated surface and has high chemical resistance.


Especially suitable for food industries, pharmaceuticals, medical offices, clinics, hospitals, due to its impermeability and dustproof properties.

Polyurethane Cement:

The obvious choice for food industries, especially dairies, slaughterhouses, wineries, fisheries, etc. Slip-resistant, resistant to low temperatures, and heavy loads.

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