Resina Step by Step

Resin Step by Step

Practical Example of Resin Flooring Installation: Restoration of a 20,000 m2 Logistic Hub in Marghera, which will be repurposed as a warehouse.

1.Selection of the Coating Type

What steps should we expect if we decide to renovate our industrial spaces? Let's see them by taking this recent project as an example. First, we need to decide on the most suitable type of coating for the type of activity it will endure. Secondly, delivery times need to be defined. Based on the needs of this client, an epoxy screed with anti-slip finish was chosen for its high mechanical resistance and speed of execution.

2.Surface Preparation

pallinatura resina industriale

After choosing the system, we move on to the preparation phase, which includes cleaning the surface from medium to large-sized cement residues, followed by shot blasting. The latter roughens the existing surface, making it more receptive to the subsequent screed layer, which will consequently adhere better. It involves cold surface hammering through a high-speed shot blasting jet.


primer resina industriale

The next step is the application of a primer, which acts as an adhesive for the screed. Typically, two layers are applied: one immediately after shot blasting to consolidate the support, and one just before proceeding with the screed, ensuring maximum adhesion possible.


massetto resina industriale Resingroup

So, we proceed with the screed, which has the main function of leveling the existing surfaces and distributing the load of the overlying elements.

5.Final Layer

resina industriale Resingroup

Once the screed is completed, it's a matter of waiting for the drying times, and then you can finally proceed with the final resin layer. The job is done!
The final layer consists of applying 2 coats of epoxy resin loaded with quartz of suitable granularity using a trowel, ensuring the perfect grip upon completion.
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