Attrezzi a Confronto: Spatola 845/S vs 844/I

Tools Compared: Spatula 845/S vs 844/I

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Identity Card Frattoni 845/S

The Master of Smooth Finishes

  • Material: Steel with green synthetic handle.
  • Dimensions: 360x120x0.6 mm.
  • Ideal for: Smoothing floor and wall substrates in resin applications.
  • Key Features:
    • Synthetic handle for improved grip and ergonomics.
    • Welded construction for durability and easy cleaning.
    • Suitable for distributing large quantities of material quickly.
    • Ideal for reducing application time with broad and less refined movements.

Description: Frattone 845/S is the ideal companion for spatula shaving of floor and wall substrates in the resin world. With a solid steel structure and a green synthetic handle, this tool is designed to ensure comfortable grip and optimal ergonomics during application. The handle welding not only increases the tool's durability over time but also makes cleaning during and after work a breeze, preventing material buildup between the handle attachment and the spatula blade. With Frattone 845/S, you can work with large quantities of material and distribute it quickly, reducing application times and achieving impeccable results.

frattone 845/S spatola resina veneto


Identity Card Frattoni 844/I

The Artisan's Choice for Decorative Details

  • Material: Stainless steel with orange handle.
  • Dimensions: 280x120 mm.
  • Ideal for: Applying decorative materials in resin projects.
  • Key Features:
    • Lightweight design with ergonomic rubber grip.
    • Welded construction for durability and easy cleaning.
    • Trapezoidal shape, lapped blade, and rounded tips for precise material distribution.
    • Perfect for creating detailed decorative effects without leaving excess material or marks on the surface.

Description: Frattone 844/I is synonymous with lightness, maneuverability, and impeccable results. Made of stainless steel with an elegant orange handle, this tool is designed for applying decorative materials without compromising the final result. The trapezoidal shape, lapped blade, and rounded tips ensure uniform material distribution, avoiding excess or visible marks on the surface. The welded handle ensures unmatched durability and ease of cleaning. With Frattone 844/I, you can create precise and detailed arcs, perfect for creating surprising decorative effects.

frattone 844/I spatola resina decorativa veneto


In conclusion, whether you are experienced professionals or beginners, Resingroup's Frattoni tools are here to meet your resin processing needs. Now we want to hear from you: which tool do you prefer to use in your resin coating projects? Frattoni 845/S for impeccable shaving or Frattoni 844/I for surprising decorative details? Or perhaps you have another favorite tool that you can't wait to share with us!

Let us know in the comments below and continue to follow our blog for more interesting discussions and practical tips!

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