Storie di Casa: Decomar per una ristrutturazione minimalista

Home Tales: Decomar for a Minimalist Renovation

Picture a rainy day, one of those dreary ones where every step outside feels like a tug at your soul. I drive for a while, winding through the countryside and the towns of Treviso until I reach a rugged dirt road, guiding me to my destination. I knock on the gate and I'm met with a genuine smile. Invited inside, I step into his home, a dwelling rooted deep, a witness to tales steeped in the past and new beginnings.

I'm rendered speechless as I cross the threshold: an impressive structure with windows everywhere, framing the surrounding greenery. This is Massimo's abode, a cheerful guy who's chosen to make Spain his home but refuses to forget his Italian roots.

The house, erected in the '70s by an architect who seemingly never set foot in it, languished in abandonment before Massimo breathed new life into it. Structural renovations were a necessity, still underway in some areas, but the outcome is nothing short of astonishing. Massimo was keen on preserving the retro allure of the '70s, retaining old doors, radiators, wooden accents—all meticulously restored with care and passion.

Inside, the house exudes a minimalist vibe, with essential furnishings inviting relaxation and camaraderie. Even the choice of Decomar flooring proved perfect: wood would've been too heavy, while ceramic or natural stone might've chilled the atmosphere. Instead, the resin, with its gray hue capturing the daylight and evening warmth, seamlessly integrates with the home's unique style.

I get to work, capturing everything with admiration. Returning home, I hardly notice the rain, still basking in the ambiance I've just left behind.


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